Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Friday 7th. What's wrong with an air bed?

As our second week in the promised land draws to an end you can tell life has begun to settle down as the Blog entry's get shorter and all I can find to talk about is shopping, so with that in mind we turned or attention's to the imminent arrival of our first visitor from the the old country, who was due in a week. Nix decided that the purchase of a sofa bed was the mission of the day, "What's wrong with an air bed?" I exclaimed, after all Phil is my old camping buddy and he loves sleeping on the ground! It was then that Nix pointed out to me that all guests would be afforded every luxury our humble home could offer and that included the use of our bed and that the sofa bed was for us! So with orders given we set off to trawl all the stores in furniture land and my goodness is there some quality tat out there, but a sofa bed was duly purchased and delivery was arranged for the day before Phil arrived, perfect.

Now shopping fatigue is something I had never suffered from before (mainly because I never go shopping) so I failed to recognise the symptoms:- The constant yearn to sit down at any given opportunity, the willingness to part with huge sums of money for something I could see no practical use for, but was happy to do so as long as it meant we could move on, I would find myself nodding enthusiastically in agreement with Nix half way a conversation that I knew nothing about but the most disturbing symptom of all was the overwhelming desire to be assembling flat pack furniture rather than endure the pain known as shopping. What I needed was a trip to Whistler.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know you've pledged in print to hop out of your bed whenever you have a guest? Shome mishtake shurely (ed)... I'll be at the airport as soon as I have a passport...

Really enjoying logging in every morning.

Sally x